NeoForge installer files

You can find a direct link to our latest installer file below.

Note: this file is still called forge because we’re trying to maintain compatibility with launchers, assuming they don’t hardcode things too much.

Using NeoForge for mod development

If you don’t have a current mod project

  1. Go to The MDK and click Use This Template to create a copy in your personal GitHub space.
  2. Clone this project locally, and get started! Our Documentation and the Modding Wiki are great places to learn more.

If you have an existing mod project

You can use neoforge in your existing mod development as well. To do so:

  1. Update your repositories to use instead of
  2. Update your ForgeGradle to use NeoGradle 6.0.13 or above:
    plugins {
        id 'net.neoforged.gradle' version '[6.0.13, 6.2)'
  3. Update your minecraft dependency to use net.neoforged:forge and the version as shown above.

Some things to note

  1. At the present time, mods built by either system should be intercompatible between forks.
  2. Do note that recently, there were some changes in the recommended way to use ForgeGradle/NeoGradle. Note especially the way that settings.gradle has changed, as well as the removal of the buildscript section in build.gradle. Refer to The MDK for an example and more.

Latest News from The NeoForged Project

What is happening?

cpw avatar
As of July 12th 2023, the discord formerly known as “Forgecord” was rebranded to a new project - NeoForged. Simultaneously, the Neoforged github organization forked the original Minecraft Forge project. This post discusses in detail the reasons behind that, from the point of view of cpw - one of the people who triggered the takeover.