NeoForge installer files

You can find a direct link to our latest installer files below.

Using NeoForge for mod development

If you don’t have a current mod project

  1. Go to the MDK list, select the one for the version you’re interested in, and click Use This Template to create a copy under your personal GitHub account.
  2. Clone the MDK locally, and get started! Our Documentation and the Modding Wiki are great places to learn more.

If you have an existing mod project

Refer to the MDK list for examples of how to update your build script to use NeoForge.

News from The NeoForged Project

NeoForge for Snapshots

NeoForged Team avatar
NeoForged Team
Our team regularly updates NeoForge to snapshot versions of Minecraft. This helps us anticipate changes, and spread out the porting work. In accordance with our commitment to transparency, we are now making the code for NeoForge snapshot versions public.

The Networking Refactor

oriononline avatar
This post gives an overview of the changes made to the networking system of NeoForge 20.4.

The Capability rework

Technici4n avatar
This post gives an overview of the changes made to the capability system of NeoForge 20.3.

Event system changes in NeoForge 20.2

Technici4n avatar
This post goes over the changes made to the “EventBus” subsystem of NeoForge 20.2. This does not cover specific events, but rather changes made to the event machinery itself.